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Online Courses

Online Class

We conduct both individual and group online courses on following subjects 

  • Python for Everyone (12+)

  • ML/DL for Everyone (15+)

  • Quantum Computing on Qiskit

  • Quantum Machine Learning on Qiskit

  • School Maths (12+)

  • Calculus

  • Linear Algebra

  • ODEs/PDEs

  • School Physics (12+)

  • Quantum Mechanics

       and MORE

Academic Programs, Curricula and Classes

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We develop and provide high quality Academic Programs, Curricula and Courses for Universities, Colleges and Schools on Python, ML/DL, Quantum Computing, Quantum ML/DL, Classical/Quantum Cryptography, all subjects and levels (undergrad, grad) in Mathematics and Physics

CONTACT us for MORE details and PARTNERSHIP.

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