32 -nd  Workshop on Applied Mathematics in Quantum Technologies, ML, Blockchain

(Postponed due to the Covid-19)


UCF Incubator, University of Central Florida

3259 Progress Drive, Orlando, FL  32826

Scientific Projects

We conduct scientific projects in following categories:

1. Pure Mathematics,

2. Applied Mathematics in Electrical Engineering

3. Quantum Computing and Information Theory,

4. Explainable Quantum and Classical ML/DL,

5. Cryptography,

6. Quantum Resistant Blockchain,

7. Topological Data Analysis, 

8. Neurophysiology,

9. Quantum Chemistry,

10. Quantum Microbiology,

11. Quantum Physics,

12. Topological Quantum Field Theory.


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Peer-Reviewed Journal

in Applied Mathematics

Publish your manuscript in our peer reviewed journal - "International Journal of Advances in Applied Mathematics and Modeling"

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